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Copper and aluminum radiator water tank crushing and sorting

post time:2020-10-21
The automatic copper-aluminum water tank processing production line announced that manual dismantling will become a thing of the past. As new processes and new equipment for processing copper-aluminum water tanks become more and more popular, manual dismantling of copper-aluminum water tanks will be gradually eliminated. Recently, the speed of dismantling copper and aluminum water tanks has been severely affected by the restriction of manual dismantling speed, and the dismantling field has been in a state of semi-stop. In order to ensure normal operation, some dismantling sites began to use machines to crush copper and aluminum water tanks, especially in South Asian countries such as Japan, which were subject to the "Seven waste categories" that were not allowed to be imported. The problem of high labor cost and low efficiency has been gradually upgraded to fully automatic processing equipment since this year. Choosing the medium-recycled broken copper-aluminum water tank production line requires fewer workers, and generally 4-5 people can operate normally.

Recycling and recycling of copper and aluminum water tanks, air-conditioning radiators and other copper-aluminum composite materials. In the past, the efficiency of dismantling equipment was low. However, with the increase in market demand and labor costs, copper and aluminum water tanks can be recycled and processed in large quantities The copper-aluminum water tank crushing and sorting machine equipment came into being. It adopts automated production lines for production and processing. The medium-recycling crushing and separation production line can process 4 tons of scrap copper and aluminum water tanks in an hour. The production cost is greatly reduced. Favor, welcome to visit on-site test machine.
What are the complete sets of equipment for crushing and separating copper and aluminum water tanks? Waste water tank radiator dismantling and recycling devices, including crushing equipment, conveying equipment, magnetic separation devices, vibration separation devices, dust suction pipes and dust collectors connected in turn, copper and aluminum water tank crushing The sorting production line improves productivity and recycling quality, reduces environmental pollution, and is suitable for a wide range of production applications.
The characteristics of the copper-aluminum water tank crushing separator: 1. High degree of equipment automation, full PLC control, intelligent safety section, 2. High efficiency and high productivity. It is more than 10 times more efficient than the disassembly of the whole block. 3. The equipment assembly line is convenient for transportation and installation. Easy to maintain and repair. 4. Change the ‘disadvantages’ of traditional production lines. 5. All electrical parts of the motor adopt national standard brands. 
The production efficiency of China Recycling Technology's copper-aluminum water tank separator is greatly improved. More importantly, its separation rate can reach more than 99.8%. It adopts single-pass crushing processing and optimizes the structure design of the crusher to greatly reduce the copper and aluminum powder in the crushing process. The production of radiator has effectively controlled the loss rate of copper and aluminum. So once it was launched, it was immediately sought after by customers, and the order quantity has been large. It has been exported to Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other places, becoming an ideal equipment for air conditioning radiator recycling and processing.
Medium recycled copper-aluminum water tank processing solution has a high degree of automation, compact structure, and the sorting effect can reach 99.8 or more, and the production capacity is unmatched by other manufacturers' production lines. Due to the chaos in the domestic market, China Recycling Technology welcomes users and friends to visit the company on site, and at the same time declines peer observation and provides a clean operating environment in the market.
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